Duplex Precision Mixing Pump


The Duplex Mixer Pump consist of two FMI valveless pump heads directly coupled to a single variable stepper motor drive. The displacement of each pump head is independently adjustable, and a variety of pump head sizes can be used in combinations to achieve dispensing ratios from 1:1 up to 500:1 from microliters to liters.

The Duplex Mixer Pump is ideal for precision mixing and diluting for OEM Medical and Life Sciences Markets.


  • Dual Pump Head Capability: “Q” and “H” pump heads could be used for a wide range of ratio mixing.
  • Mix Ratio: 25:1
  • Multi Functional: Twin pump heads used at the same time for two different processes or ratio mixing. One Motor + One Controller = 2 Different Applications
  • Wide Range of Material Options for Fluid Path Contact
  • Motor Options: 17” or 23” Frame Stepper Motors
  • Available with Stepper Controller or Can Be Integrated into a separate Stepper Controller

Regulatory Compliance

RoHS Reach


Download Specs as PDF FMI Config Tool

Product Details

Shipping Weight:
2.4 lbs. (1.1kg)
Operating Pressure Range (psig):
Operating Pressure Range (Bar):
Dispense Volume Range:
0.005-2.56 mL/rev*
Motor Speed Range:
5-1000 rpm*
Flow Rate Range:
0.025-2560 mL/min*
Motor Type:
17" or 23" Frame Stepper Motors
2-2.4 Amps