Biotechnology Applications

Fluidic Solutions for Biotechnology

Continuing to innovate controlled delivery of fluid to meet the changing needs of the industry.

Microfluidic Systems That Have Been Successfully Integrated Into Different Subfields Globally.

As the future of biotechnology harnesses the power of living organisms and biology, Fluid Metering understands the importance of using and handling liquids in these applications. From solving problems such as sample contamination and chemical compatibility, we offer a wide range of expertise in drug discovery, gene therapy, and more.

Sample Prep - Genomics Research

There are many sample prep techniques in the marketplace today. Fluid Metering partners with customers to select qualified pumps to quickly and sensitively monitor samples by dispensing significantly smaller volumes of fluid. This prevents wasted reagents with enhanced accuracy and precision.

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Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) - Genomics Research

Microfluidic devices offer promising results with NGS technology through its distinctive abilities in managing small sample volumes and offering platforms for automation and integration. Our product portfolio of configurable pumps ensure accuracy and repeatability when sequencing DNA and RNA for all NGS methodologies.

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Drug Dissolution

As a pivotal part of pharmaceutical development to understand how drugs dissolve in the human body, drug dissolution continues to innovate the drug release and absorption process. Fluid Metering’s microfluidic solutions allow rapid processing and increased efficiencies when delivering minute sample volumes and flow control by harnessing mechanics that improve outcomes in the field of drug delivery.  


Pushing the Boundaries in Fluidic Transfer Solutions for Biotechnology

We are leading the charge toward transformative discoveries to help shape the future of biotechnology. By supporting leaders in their ground-breaking research and discovery, our pumps meet the most stringent demands and provide accuracy and precision to any application.