Environmental and Analytical Applications

Fluidic Solutions for Environmental & Analytical Applications

Fluidic pumps help improve the accuracy and reliability of environmental monitoring tests.

Offering a Comprehensive Range of Services to Support Testing Needs of Different Industries and Comply with Various Regulatory Requirements.

Our team of fluidic experts will partner with you to understand your specific needs, from basic calibration to complex customization.

Mass Spectrometry

When monitoring the environment for pollutants, mass spectrometry requires the precise sample delivery of reagents to identify and quantify mass-to-charge ratios. Fluid Metering is a preferred partner for researchers and analysts to help obtain reliable data with high throughput quality and controlled repeatable processes to solve virtually any analytical challenge.

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Water Quality Analyzer

As an important tool to detect water contaminants, water quality analyzers continue to innovate with microfluidic pumps to deliver samples and reagents to ensure the safety of water for human consumption and public health. Fluid Metering plays an integral role in maintaining the quality, consistency, and reliability of fluids in these systems.

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Low Pressure Liquid Chromatography (LPLC)

LPLC is valuable to chromatography because it allows delicate compounds, fragile samples, and molecules to be prepared and purified under pressure that operates under 300 PSI. Fluid Metering miniaturized pumps allow for precise flow control and the perfect mixing ratio for the dilution of fluids with its low sheer, non-destructive capabilities.


Fluidic Technology Solutions for a Variety of Environmental & Analytical Applications

We have subject matter experts in biomedical and chemical engineering who can help you choose the right pump for your application, regardless of its complexity.