FENYX Rising: Soaring Above Syringe Pumps in Precision Fluid Management

In the world of life sciences, engineers are all facing pressure to increase throughput and decrease total cost of ownership. Common types of pumps for dispensing systems are syringe pumps or inline piston pumps which are slow and require maintenance over the life of the pumps to achieve a satisfactory throughput. Fluid Metering has now developed the FENYX - a breakthrough variable dispense pump that can be used in place of most syringe pump applications to increase throughput and decrease costs.

Fluid Metering’s CeramPumps® have been used for over 60 years in the life sciences industry and, until now, have been limited to precision dispensing with a fixed volume. The FENYX Variable Dispense pump enables users to change the dispense volume, similar to a syringe pump or inline piston pump, but with all the added benefits of using a ceramic rotating reciprocating piston.

The FENYX is a perfect drop-in replacement for syringe pumps at OEMs desiring high uptime and zero maintenance.