Industrial Applications

Fluidic Solutions for Industrial Applications

Fluidic industrial pumps that are built to withstand the rigors of everyday use and deliver accuracy and precision for years to come.

Fluid Metering Pumps Are Adaptable for a Variety of Applications, Providing Precise Dispensing, Metering, or Mixing

The versatility of microfluidic technologies across various industrial sectors contributes to improved efficiencies in manufacturing, analysis, and quality control processes.

Inkjet & 3D Printing

Our fluidic pumps are versatile and can be used with various printing technologies, including Continuous Inkjet Printing, Drop-on-Demand, and 3D printing.  Fluid Metering can precisely control fluid movement at microscale, directly impacting print quality, resolution, color accuracy, and overall printing efficiency.

Recommendation: STF Series


Cartridge Filling & E-Vaping Delivery

When dispensing high viscosity oils, manufacturers will distill the fluid with a thinning agent to dispense at a higher rate and increase throughput. Fluid Metering pumps provide three key attributes you should look for when building your next-generation application: flexibility, automation, and low maintenance.

Recommendation: FVD



Semiconductor manufacturing is a complicated process that involves making integrated circuits in multiple steps. Fluid Metering pumps are designed to meet the exact standards of the semiconductor industry, providing the minimal failure rate that is required for reliable production.

Recommendation: FVD - Q


Engineering Cutting-Edge Technologies for Industrial Applications

We partner with you to design and build a pump that meets the needs of the broad industrial marketplace, including food and beverage, glue dosing, or mosquito abatement.