Pump Drive Modules

Fluid Metering's Pump Drive Modules are available in various fixed-speed drives to meet a wide range of application and flow requirements. Our variable speed Pump Drive Modules are ideal for mobile and remote applications. Our industry-leading portfolio of Pump Drive Modules include Pneumatic, Gear Driven Motor Systems and AC/DC Motor Drives.

Contact us today, we are happy to help you select the right Pump Drive Module, and any other components that meet your specific requirements. We look forward to helping you build, customize, and configure a final product that works for your application intended use.

Benefits of our Pump Drive Modules include:

  • Long shelf life
  • Fan-cooled and thermally protected
  • Ball bearing gear motors
  • Multi-position tilt stands for wall or counter mounting
  • Infinitely adjustable flow rate from 0 to maximum in any direction

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