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(New Product Launch in 2023)

The STFQ1-6 is available in six drive configurations ranging from 110 µL all the way up to 1.28mL.  Each drive model (STFQ1, STFQ-2…STFQ-6) has an adjustable displacement of ±20%.  A supplied adjustment tool rotates an eccentric bushing to precisely make micro volume adjustments.  There are also four standard pump head options available to provide a fluid path with maximum chemical and dispense volume/flow rate capability.

The STFQ1-9 Micro Volume Adjustment Dispensing is ideal for OEM Medical and Life Sciences Markets.


  • Adjustable Dual Eccentric Bushings (patent pending)
  • Economical design with fixed displacement link
  • Displacement link can be customized for individual requirements
  • Available in 25 µL - 1.28 mL versions or customized for individual requirements

Regulatory Compliance

RoHS Reach


Download Specs as PDF FMI Config Tool

Product Details

Shipping Weight:
1.87 lb. (0.85kg)
Operating Pressure Range (psig):
Operating Pressure Range (Bar):
Dispense Volume Range:
0.11-1.28 mL/rev
Motor Speed Range:
5-1000 rpm*
Flow Rate Range:
0.55-1280 mL/min*
Motor Type:
1.8° Stepper Motor w/Opto Sensors NEMA Size 17 Frame
Rated Current Phase: 2.67 Amp