Sub-1 (STFSM)



The STFSM Sub-1 Microliter Dispensing OEM Pump is engineered for Ideal for Medical, Diagnostic, Biomedical & Analytical Instrumentation Applications.


  • Valveless CeramPump® technology
  • Patent pending Adjustable Dual Eccentric bushings for precise flow calibration
  • Dispense volume as low as 1 μL / stroke
  • Compact design
  • 4 pump heads available
  • Sapphire-hard, dimensionally stable ceramic internal components
  • REACH and RoHS Certified

Regulatory Compliance

RoHS Reach


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Product Details

Shipping weight:
0.76 lb. (0.34kg)
Dispense Volume / Stroke:
1/8" - Up to 5 μL / rev 1/4" - Up to 25 μL / rev
4.7" x 1.67" x 1.67" (119 x 42.4 x 42.4 mm)
Rated Current Phase: 2.0 Amp
NEMA Size 17 Frame Stepper Motor
Direction set to clockwise rotation
Operating temperature: -20°C to 50°C
Not suited for dispensing into pressure
Flow Rate Adjustment:
Bushings can be rotated in CW or CCW direction to modify flow rate
The top bushing is for coarse adjustment ±25 μL
The bottom bushing is for fine adjustment ±6 μL
Operating Pressure Range (psig):
Operating Pressure Range (Bar):
Dispense Volume Range:
0.001-0.025 mL/rev
MIN Dispense Volume:
1/8" up to 5 µL /Revolution
Motor Speed Range:
5-1000 rpm*
Flow Rate Range:
0.005-25 mL/min*
Motor Type:
" 1.8° Stepper Motor w/Opto Sensors NEMA Size 17 Frame"