FDD: Pulseless Flow Nanoliter Dispensing Pump

FDD: Pulseless Flow Nanoliter Dispensing Pump


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A compact, linearly driven, ceramic piston pump, capable of dispensing less than 1 microliter with exceptional precision and accuracy. A vastly optimized driving mechanism means the FDD has only THREE moving components. Plus, FMI’s distinct CeramPump® technology ensures a longer lifetime and superior chemical inertness in comparison to anything in the marketplace today.


  • Anti-backlash mechanisms
  • Rotary encoder with over 4000 pulses per revolution
  • Linearly driven
  • High precision, fine pitch lead screw
  • FMI CeramPump® technology

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Product Details

Operating Pressure Range (psig)
Operating Pressure Range (Bar)
Dispense Volume Range
0 - 150 µL
MIN Dispense Volume
< 1 µL
Motor Speed Range
Up to 2000 step/sec
Flow Rate Range
Minimum 0.105 µL/sec @ 1 rpm; Maximum 62.8 µL/se @ 600 rpm
Motor Type
1.8 ˚ Stepper Motor NEMA 17 Frame
Rated Current Phase: 1.5 Amp
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